More TLovelies, Finally

TGirl Beauty is back, with a renewed focus on bringing you the most beautiful TGirls (and hence, the most beautiful girls) in the world in a classy, glamorous, respectful way.

Today, enjoy some new eye-popping Nayla Mellina, as well as stunning TSupermodel Nauana Lima, both in ALL their glory…ImageImage

The Exclusive Nody Nadia Interview!

She’s just 20 years old, and already the luscious, sexy Nody Nadia is one of the most beautiful TGirls in the world. But this LA girl is more than just a pretty face (and amazing body), she’s thoughtful, interesting and incredibly upbeat in spite of her difficult start in life and early challenges. But today, the future looks very bright indeed for lovely Nadia. The interview starts below, but you can read it in its entirety on her page. Enjoy!
TGIrl Beauty: What is your background, where are you from, and can you tell us a little about your childhood?
Nody Nadia: Overall, I’m a black girl, but my father is from Samoa and my mother is a mixture of Honduran and black, so those are the mixes in my blood. I was born in Los Angeles, raised in the city of Inglewood until i was 14, then I left home and was in and out of group homes in Hollywood and the Valley, so I know everything out that way. Growing up, I didn’t really have a easy time—my mom was in and out of jail and my grandmother was on and off drugs. When my mom did come around and got herself together I stayed with her until i came out about being different and being a girl. She pretty much washed her hands of me, and from there I just became highly self-destructive and stayed in and out of juvenile hall and ran away to the streets every time I was placed in one of those group homes. And I had a bit of a problem with authority, so let’s just say I couldnt wait to turn 18 and take care of myself because it seemed like I was doing a better job than then others at the time…

Read the entire, exclusive interview with Nadia here:

Coming Tomorrow: The Nody Nadia Interview!

She’s stunningly beautiful, absolutely adorable, vixenly voluptuous, the cutest little TPrincess and one of the smokin’-hottest girls in the world. She’s also sweet as can be, down-to-earth and an ambitious young lady with her sights set on superstardom.

Learn what makes Nadia tick, what turns her on, and what advice she has for guys looking for their dream TGirl—all in her EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH TGIRL BEAUTY!


A Tribute to Saigon Lee

One of the popular TGirl forums was recently asking members when they first realized they were in love with TGirls, and they responded with stories of that first special girl they saw who changed them forever. It got me to thinking about my own special moment, and for me, it was Saigon Lee more than a decade ago. I liked genetic girls but wasn’t set on fire by them—and frankly I always thought their physical attributes were lacking something. I was searching and scouting the Internet to satisfy my curiosity and came across these pics of the lovely, luscious Saigon Lee and stopped breathing:

I was frozen for many moments looking at this AMAZING specimen: perfect face, skin, breasts, nails, hair…with sexy heels…a total beautiful feminine girl with the one thing that had been missing from all the others…I am still blown away by Saigon’s perfect feminine beauty. She went on to model and do some videos and even went through a phase where, respectfully, she put on some weight and didn’t look like she was taking real good care of herself. But she came back with a new look just a few years ago—slimmed down and looking as stunningly gorgeous as ever—before retiring from modeling. Here are some other pics of Saigon, as well as some of the last-seen pictures of her—she was and is a true inspiration, and I hope she is having a wonderful, successful, happy life.

California TGirls, They’re Unforgettable…

If only Katy Perry was singing about the right girls in her song…So TGirl Beauty has to correct that. And we start today with two luscious TLovelies from Southern California that absolutely melt my popsicle: Tiffany Morgan from San Diego and Marissa Madison from Los Angeles. Both girls are absolutely bursting with femininity and sexiness, and they obviously take incredible care of their flawless bodies. Stay tuned for the upcoming exclusive interview with stunning Thai TGoddess Tiffany Morgan, where we’ll learn a bit about her, her likes and dislikes, and a few secrets too. Until then, check out Tiffany’s page here:  And check out Madison’s page here: