Michelly Araujo

Michelly continues to amaze in this new set that shows her, if it’s even possible, as more gorgeous and more sexy than ever. I have been blown away by her so many times, but this new set raises the temperature to new heights. She is everything and more: glamorous, voluptuous, sweet, sexy, girly and adorable with a body to die for and a face and smile so sweet they could cause cavities. Here is mind-blowing Michelly…

I can only say this about the ultra-voluptuous Michelly Araujo: TGoddess. It is absolutely unbelievable she has not previously graced TGirl Beauty, particularly because when I first discovered my love of TGirls she was my absolute favorite for so long, and she has always remained one of my top two or three girls of all time. It’s just that she became so popular and was everywhere on the ‘net, so when I started doing this blog it seemed silly to post more of her, and I wanted to concentrate on the lesser known TKittens out there. But over the past year she has been overshadowed a bit, and people have forgotten that Michelly is still one of the most mind-blowing TLovelies in the world, and she only gets better and better. An absolute sex bomb, Michelly raises my temperature whenever I see her—and BabyGirl, you’re still at the top.

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