Nody Nadia

The Exclusive Nody Nadia Interview

TGIrl Beauty: What is your background, where are you from, and can you tell us a little about your childhood?
Nody Nadia: Overall, I’m a black girl, but my father is from Samoa and my mother is a mixture of Honduran and black, so those are the mixes in my blood. I was born in Los Angeles, raised in the city of Inglewood until i was 14, then I left home and was in and out of group homes in Hollywood and the Valley, so I know everything out that way. Growing up, I didn’t really have a easy time—my mom was in and out of jail and my grandmother was on and off drugs. When my mom did come around and got herself together I stayed with her until i came out about being different and being a girl. She pretty much washed her hands of me, and from there I just became highly self-destructive and stayed in and out of juvenile hall and ran away to the streets every time I was placed in one of those group homes. And I had a bit of a problem with authority, so let’s just say I couldnt wait to turn 18 and take care of myself because it seemed like I was doing a better job than then others at the time.

When did you realize you wanted to be a girl, and how did you start the process?
As a child I always felt like a girl. When I put clothes on I saw (myself in) women’s clothing. When I looked in the mirror I saw the prettiest girl at school. And when I got a haircut I felt like i was getting my hair done like a women. Haha. Crazy imagination, huh?? I remember I was like 14 years old and a friend of my father’s who was a trans woman gave me a wig and a bottle of hormone pills. I played in that hair and took those hornones for two days and then ran away from dad that third day, and from that day on I lived my life as a girl, and hormones and hair have and will remain in my life.

How long did it take you to start seeing results and start truly feeling like a beautiful TGirl?
Ummmm, it was pretty rough trying to stay on hormones when I was young, which is an important thing for a TGirl, so it was hard to see myself as a beautiful TGirl as a teen, being that I had a huge insecurity with this green color on my face from having to shave because of lack of hormones and laser treatment that I couldn’t sign or pay for due to my age. But when I turned 17 that all changed. I had been on my hormones close to a year and had a few laser treatments in, so my skin changed and my body changed, my real hair grew longer and I just felt at one with myself. But I’m always growing into my beauty, so I know I have some more time to grow into that beauty that I want to see in the mirror and be happy with one day.

Did and does your family support you in the process?
Unfortunately, my mother does not, and fortunately, my father does. My dad was actually in a pretty wicked relationship with a TS for six, years so it was a little easier to come out to him about the way I was feeling. He says I’m like the daughter he never had.

How did you decide on the name “Nody Nadia?”
The name was just Nadia at first, but Joey Silvera called me “naughty Nadia.” Then I said it in like this very silly, flirty way—almost as if I was trying to speak another language, so he suggested we spell it the way I was saying it so it became “Nody Nadia.”

So, even though you were a beautiful girl before you got them, what was it like to finally get breast implants? How does it feel to have them and to see yourself now fully developed as a woman? Do you realize that you are seen as incredibly beautiful, feminine and sexy, or do you feel you still want to make more changes to your looks in the future?
It feels good to have them because I’m little, and I always had breasts but they were so small, so people always thought I was like 12 when I was 18—I hated it! (laughs) So when I got them I looked and felt like a sexy young woman. I’m sure people see me as perfect now, but before I got breasts they said the same—that I didn’t need them. And now that I got them men love them, so I’ve learned there’s nothing wrong with a little enhancement, so there will be more enhancements made in the future in order for me to be happy with myself when I look at myself.

Let’s face it, most men who love TGirls are infatuated with that one delicious extra part you girls have—or perhaps are infatuated with the combination of things you are. Is that a good thing or bad thing?
It’s not necessarily bad because it’s good to find someone who fully accepts my body, then at times it’s annoying when someone is obsessed with something you couldn’t really care less about.

Do you now as a TGirl enjoy sex in a different way than before? In other words, now that you are a woman and felt the influence of hormones in your body and have breasts, do you have new erogenous zones and do you experience sexual fulfillment in a different way?
I didn’t start having intercourse until I was a girl, so I only know how to enjoy sex as a girl. Let me just make this clear: I just love intercourse real rough and good— that’s all I usually want and need.

What is the best thing about being a girl?
The best thing about being a girl is all the men want me, so I get to cut lines, get things cheaper—sometimes free. So let’s just say it comes with advantages.

What is the worst thing?
The worst thing about being a girl is all the men want me, so I feel like I have to always have my guard up because you never know who wants you for you, and especially when you’re the kind of girl I am, because sometimes men just want to use you as a fantasy, you know? And then it’s like I can never just take a peaceful walk without some man trying to get at me and telling me the same thing that I hear every day. So I would say overall being a girl, let alone a TGirl, can feel like a curse at times.

What is the biggest misconception people have about TGirls?
I think the number-one misconception that people and media have is that we are men in wigs and are homosexuals. We are not drag queens or transvestites, we are transgendered women. We look, feel and live our lives as women everyday. Another is that people think we are all in to sex work when I know plenty of TGirls who go to school and have successful careers outside of sex work.

Do you consider yourself a female just like all the other girls in the world, or do you see yourself as a female in a special or better category?
I know i wasn’t born a girl genetically, but I also know I have a gender identity disorder (GID), so I educated myself so I know what I feel on the inside is real, which is all woman, so I just see myself as a different kind of girl—not better than the genetic girl, just not the average girl.

So many of us feel that, in a way, TGirls are more feminine than genetically born girls. Why do you think this is? Do TGirls just appreciate their femininity and beauty more than genetic girls?
I think we just naturally attract men more than women because we always want to be at our best, and women are just sometimes comfortable with being just the way they are.

Who are your best friends?
I have friends that I have known for a very long time that I still associate with who are also TS, but I dont have best friends.

If you could be anywhere in the world, where would it be?
If I could be anywhere at this moment it would be Miami. I would love to be in the sun, taking runs on the beach, shopping and partying. I just get lost in the scenery for hours. There’s just no place like Miami.

So much of a TGirl’s personality can shine through in her choice of clothes. What looks and items turn you on?
Well, I love fashion, period, so I’m always getting turnd on by new looks. So my looks are constantly changing. I guess it just depends on how I’m feeling.

What can you say to guys who are infatuated or in love with TGirls and want to understand them more or even date a TGirl? How do you like to be treated by a man?
I believe men should be extremely secure with themselves so the TGirl can feel secure with having him as a boyfriend, because a TGirl loves to know that her man doesn’t second-guess her womanhood or his own sexuality. And I love a man who has a perfect balance of being in touch with his masculine side as well as his
feminine side—such a turn on!

What is your idea of a good time? What do you like to do in your free time? Hobbies?
A fun time to me is being around beautiful people, partying it up and dancing all my stress and worries away. I also like to read for fun, catch a movie, do a nice dinner, and most of all, shopping!

What can you say to all the young TGirls beginning their transition or even to young males who feel they would like to become a TGirl?
I would tell them that this is nothing easy, so never give up and f*** what people have to say about you. Love yourself and embrace the fact that you are a diffrent beauty, and never put limits on what you can do or achieve in life.

Do you believe that TGirls can now become more mainstream—become supermodels or actresses or pop stars? Is the world ready for that?
Yes, I do believe that TGirls are ready to go mainstream. We have many talents, but I dont think the world is ready. We are close, though it’s just going to take the right kind of TGirls to start opening doors. She’s going have to be able to take no as an answer a couple times before she’s told yes, and she’s going to have to be a girl who truly accepts herself regardless of others’ opinions.

For so many TGirls, the dream is to be a complete woman, while for others being pre-op is very satisfying. If it’s not too personal, how do you feel about your transition? Are you happy with where you are now or do you plan to continue the transition to include SRS?
I love where I am in my transition now, but I do want to undergo SRS to complete my transition one day. But I will always identify myself as a different kind of girl. I’ll just be one with a clit, and men have to accept that fact, so any man who wants me for a lifetime must still have a love for pussy (laughs).

What are your goals? What would you like to be doing in the future?
I want to go to fashion school and major in fashion merchandise so I can become a buyer, stylist or even own my own boutique. I also want to start my own clothing line for female skateboarders—it’s going to be rad! And lately I’ve been thinking about trying some acting.

Tell us how you decided to start modeling and doing films. Is making porn fun or do you really wish you could do something else? What are the best and worst things about it?
I was 15 when i was first asked to do porn by a porn scout in Hollywood. He literally waited until I became of age, and I kid you not, almost two months after my 18th birthday I was walking down the street filming porn on Thanksgiving day. Making porn is fun at times because I like the things you learn behind sceens, the hair and makeup, and I love learning about myself and my body in front of the camera. But I don’t want to do this forever. I want to get into fashion and acting. The best thing about being a porn star is seeing your hard work pay off, and the worst is that men just see me as this sexual object all the time.

You seem to be very proud of your body (why not, it’s PERFECT?) and have no problem posing nude, semi-clothed, showing your body, hard, and soft. Why is that? Are you just totally relaxed about nudity or do you actually get some other kind of enjoyment out of it?
Believe it or not I’m still getting used to it, but I know I have to pose to the best of my ability so my fans get enjoyment from my pics.

You’re planning to unveil your own website soon, isn’t that right? Tell us how things are going and what we can expect to see on it.
Yes, I have been working on my own website since the beginning of the year. It’s been something I’ve had to adjust to. It just feels as if this is all happening so fast. I mean, it feels like yesterday when I did my first shoot at 18 when I was just doing it to keep a roof over my head and feed myself. And now I’m coming out with a website because I’m popular and in demand, and my fans have put me on this pedestal that I never thought I’d be on. So it was just a crazy time starting the website. But you guys can expect a lot of hot, young and fun diverse sex!

I’m sure anyone who loves TGirls knows exactly who you are, but how do you handle it when guys hit on you not knowing that you’re a very special girl? Any funny or sexy experiences you want to share about hooking up with someone who didn’t know and then having an amazing time?
Ummm, it happens all the time, but I’ve always been the type of girl to be honest with men. I mean, like men ask me my name and I tell them then that I’m transsexual—I really do! And I dont care where I’m at. I even have “Transsexual + me = Barbie” tatted on my breast, so if I forget to tell them my tat lets them know what’s up. So I really never just fooled a boy. It’s not my thing.


Sexy, spicy, delectable TBeauty Nody Nadia…

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