Saigon Lee

A Tribute to Saigon Lee

One of the popular TGirl forums was recently asking members when they first realized they were in love with TGirls, and they responded with stories of that first special girl they saw who changed them forever. It got me to thinking about my own special moment, and for me, it was Saigon Lee more than a decade ago. I liked genetic girls but wasn’t set on fire by them—and frankly I always thought their physical attributes were lacking something. I was searching and scouting the Internet to satisfy my curiosity and came across these pics of the lovely, luscious Saigon Lee and stopped breathing:

I was frozen for many moments looking at this AMAZING specimen: perfect face, skin, breasts, nails, hair…with sexy heels…a total beautiful feminine girl with the one thing that had been missing from all the others…I am still blown away by Saigon’s perfect feminine beauty. She went on to model and do some videos and even went through a phase where, respectfully, she put on some weight and didn’t look like she was taking real good care of herself. But she came back with a new look just a few years ago—slimmed down and looking as stunningly gorgeous as ever—before retiring from modeling. Here are some other pics of Saigon, as well as some of the last-seen pictures of her—she was and is a true inspiration, and I hope she is having a wonderful, successful, happy life.

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